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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I only need one figure out of a pack.  Will you sell me just the one figure?

Unfortunately we can't sell our figures in this manner.  The way the process works is that each bag's contents are contained in 1 mold, so when a figure is cast, it's all the figures in a set and not just the individual figure. As soon as they are ready to come out of the mold, they are placed immediately in packs and sent to either the customer or the retailer. We don't have a bin of left over figures, otherwise we'd be able to help you with the one figure.

Q: I need a weapon (Pike or Spear) for my figures, how do I make them?

Glad you asked.  We do sell Weapon Packs that you can purchase. However, there are several methods available for creating your own weapons. A few that we've heard of are:

  1. take broom bristles and cut them to the desired length.  You can then flatten out one end with a hammer or even pliers (to make the point).  Use PVA to build up a ferrule for the head.  These will look good, they really don't cost anything (especially if you have a broom), and aren't prone to breakage. 
  2. use brass or floral wire (of appropriate thickness).  Cut it to the desired length, use a hammer to flatten one end and then file it to a point (not too sharp!!)
  3. use piano wire or copper wire - though both of these are rather hard to work with and can be quite painful if you accidentally poke yourself with them.  Basically the same instructions as for the brass or floral wire.

These instructions were gleaned from several postings on the news:rec.games.miniatures.historical newsgroup.

Q: I'd prefer to pay by check and/or I am not comfortable with providing my credit card info online. How can I send payment or make an order?

Make your selections and add the items you want to your "shopping cart". What you do is select the method of payment as Mail in Payment . This assigns you an order number and notifies us that you have placed an order and to wait for payment - it also computes the cost of shipping. You then print out your confirmation page and either FAX your order to us at: 770-207-0126 or mail your payment to us (at the address listed below).

If you want to pay by credit card yet don't want to transmit your number via the internet, follow the same process. On the confirmation page is a section in which you can type in your credit card number and expy date. Click on CHECKOUT and then just print it out (the only thing transmitted to us is the pending order, no credit card info is sent). Then mail us the page as it has printed with your credit card info.

Once payment by check is received, we will wait 3 days for the check to clear the bank, and then we will ship your order. If payment is via credit card, we'll ship your order as soon as we verify the card.

P.O. Box 107
Bethlehem, Georgia 30620-0107

Q: Can I fax my order to you?

Yes, you can fax it to us at: 770-207-0126. By faxing it to us, we are assuming that you are paying by credit card. Please write down the card number, expiration date, and the CVVC code on the order. Then place your signature on the page as well. When we receive your fax we will begin processing your order. And don't worry, the fax sits on a secured desk (private office), so no one else has access to it or your information.

Q: What do you charge for orders to be shipped both in the United States as well as out of the country?

The standard shipping rate in the USA is currently $9.00 (FEB 2012) and may change based on USPS and UPS shipping rates.  If your order costs more to ship than the $9.00 you will be charged the additional amount for the shipping.  Note this may include shipping to PO boxes and outside of the continental USA.

If you are ordering from a foreign country (not USA), then you are charged a rate of $59.95 (as of FEB 2014) again this may change based on USPS shipping rates.  If your order is less than this amount, the shipping department sends the website an e-mail and we will credit your account the difference.  However, if your order is big, there will be an additional charge to ship to you.

Old Glory Miniatures is not responsible for any additional charges/fees that your country adds to your delivery.

For information on shipping outside the United States, please see our shipping information located here.

Q. I would like to sell Old Glory's miniatures, how do I go about getting set up?

First, Old Glory Miniatures requires that you be a Brick & Mortar shop. No internet only stores are allowed.  Discounting via the internet is not allowed - it is heavily frowned upon.  If you are a Brick & Mortar shop, click here to download the Retailer Information form.

Q: I really like the pictures you have of your miniatures, how can I get a copy of an image or images?

Thank you - glad you like them.  Each image has been registered and covered under the Copyright laws of the United States of America.   These images are one of the things that make our site unique in that the entire line of Old Glory Miniatures will eventually be photographed and placed on this site.  We only own the internet rights to these images.  The Rights to these images are owned by Stephens Photography, Inc.  Thank you for asking, we do appreciate your feedback.


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Please note: Miniatures are cast as each order is processed - we do not keep inventory on hand. All figures, buildings, and accessories are sold unpainted unless otherwise noted in description

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