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Company Information

Who is Oldgloryminiatures.com?

Rather than take their time and skill away from what they do best (which is making miniatures), Old Glory outsourced the handling of their internet presence and on-line customer support to us, Oldgloryminiatures.com. We are a marketing company experienced with Web Development, Internet Marketing, and Customer Service, and are based in the Bethlehem, GA area.

Old Glory is based in Pennsylvania. Each company is a legal separate corporate entity, and each company has a separate set of corporate owners.  

The snail mail addresses are:

P.O.Box 107
Bethlehem, GA  30620

Old Glory Corp
4150 State Road 981
Mount Pleasant, PA 15666

How is my order handled?
Your order is processed and sent from us to the manufacturer to be shipped.

How are orders in Europe handled?
It is best to place your order with the Old Glory UK distributor as this will save you lots of money on shipping (trust us, shipping from the U.S. to the E.U. is very expensive and cost prohibitive).

How are questions handled?
Questions are handled in a timely manner. Individual questions you may have are directed to the person best able to answer them.

May I use your pictures of the product on my web site?
The short answer to that question is no, but you can ask us for permission to do so. The answer will always be no to other online "only" companies.

Why can' t I use the pictures?
In the process of creating the web site we had to come up with a cost-effective way to photograph the entire product line. It was our vision that you would be able to not only purchase the product but also see it.

Our photographer suggested to us that he would be willing to do the photography at a reduced rate if he was able to retain the copyright to the photographs. We agreed so long as no one else was able to use the photographs. The pictures are copyrighted to the Photographer that took them under international copyright law and are registered.

How can you tell if the pictures are yours on a different web page?
First of all, the pictures all carry an obvious registration mark " ". Second, the pictures also have a copyright notice digitally placed in the bit-plane of each picture. This digital mark remains even if you save the pictures to a different format. (i.e. converting a jpeg file to a GIF file).

What happens to me if I use a picture off your web site without permission?
This is the hard part for us as we like to consider ourselves nice guys.  Copyright law states that willful infringement will cost you up to $100,000.00 in statutory damages and the legal fees incurred by the photographer in pursing the case against you. We are nice guys,  we can not help you if you do not have permission to use the photos. It would just be an easy payday for our photographer.

Do you ever let anyone else use the pictures?
Yes, maybe, and sometimes. You must ask us for details.


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Please note: Miniatures are cast as each order is processed - we do not keep inventory on hand. All figures, buildings, and accessories are sold unpainted unless otherwise noted in description

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