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Product ID RU-50
La Gloire #1
Issue #1: Includes Romans vs. Gauls, the Sons of Vladimir, The Plains of Abraham, The battle of Lutzen, Prussian Line Uniforms of 1813, How to build Ponds and Streams, ACW Battle of Luka, Apaches, Tigers vs., JSII's, and Ice Trolls
Price: $6.25
Product ID RU-51
La Gloire #2
Includes: Ancient Germans, The Sons of Vladimire part II, The Battle of Long Island, Prussian Reserve & Landwehr 1813, Jackson's Staff, Bad Bob's Revenge, Gunfighters in "Warpaint", WWII Street fighting, Dwarven Shield Maidens
Price: $6.25

Product ID RU-52
La Gloire #3
Includes: Cretan Archers & Balearic Slingers, Wars of the Roses, SYW Hanoverians Wurtemburg Infantry 1806, Austrian Artillery, Modeling a Cantina, The Battle of Cedar Run, The Battle of Buena Vista, Russian Tank Riders, Wizards Tower
Price: $6.25
Product ID RU-53
La Gloire #4
Includes: Overview of Phase 10 & Ancients, The Mongols in Europe, Landsknechts, Napoleons Imperial Guard Part 1, Modeling the Guildford Courthouse, Louisiana Tigers, Little Big Horn, The Battle of Arracourt, Orcs.
Price: $7.50

Product ID RU-54
La Gloire #5
Includes: The Battle of Megiddo, Arab armies of the Crusades, Medieval Siege Equipment, English Civil War Design Notes, Jacobite armies, Marshals of France, Battle of North Anna, Colonials in Egyps, Soviet Amphibious Forces in WWII
Price: $10.00
Product ID RU-55
Katana Rules
Feudal Warfare in Japan 1250 - 1550 AD. Complete Rules for miniature figures including 11 scenarios.
Price: $15.00

Product ID RU-56
Samurai Wars
Heroic Skirmish Combat in the age of the Shoguns. Contains rules for Samurai Heroes, Ronin, Ashigaru, Peasants and even the Portugese.
Price: $20.00
Product ID RU-57
Gladiator Wars
Man-to-man combat in the arenas of Ancient Rome. Hex-based movement, with full selection of combat tricks employed by the masters. Game includes rules for basic gladiators, through the Champions of Rome.
Price: $24.00

Product ID RU-58
Cowboy Wars
The American West has become the stuff of legend, and an integral part of our national myth. Though actually rather rare, the gunfight and the range war are parts of our past, and when playing western games, these are the actions we wish to play. So Cowboy Wars sets forth a set of man-to-man rules for quick play games of this nature. But it is the characters that add the flavor of the period..
Price: $20.00
Product ID RU-61
Knight Hack
Knight Hack - Medieval Warfare 1000 to 1400 A.D. Knight Hack is designed for the Historical gamer who seeks period specific historical miniature reenacting of Medieval battles. Knight Hack is designed for non-tournament battles and scenario games.
Price: $22.00

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