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Product ID RU-62
Command Decision Test of Battle
*New* Command Decision Test of Battle is a tactical level miniatures war game of WW II combat. It emphasizes the two most important aspects of combat at this level, rapidly changing tactical situations and combined arms operations. It allows tactical battles to play out in real time or faster.

This is the fourth edition of the rules, and represents a major step forward in streamlined mechanics and ease of play. It is not, however, just a simplified version of the rules. It is a much more historically faithful treatment of World War II combat.
Price: $50.00
Product ID RU-64
Santa Anna Rules Warfare in Mexico: 1820 - 1870
Santa Anna Rules Warfare in Mexico: 1820 - 1870 Volume 1: is a tactical system by Buck Surdu and Pete Panzeri. This rule book is an updated Second edition with additional scenarios and a supplement on the South American Wars of Liberation by Mark Ryan.
Price: $30.00

Product ID RU-66
Stars and Stripes Forever
Stars and Stripes Forever Command Decision *Test of Battle* by Frank Chadwick. The US Army in the West in WWII, 1942-45. Regardless what rule system you play with, this supplement is the indispensable and definitive guide to the United States Army in Europe and the Mediterranean in WWII. It includes organizational and order of battle information not available in any other single volume.
Price: $20.00
Product ID RU-68
Warhammer Chariot Wars
Exquisitely and lavishly illustrated book. This is the Army lists for the Warhammer Ancient Rule System covering the Biblical Period, includes rule specifics for chariots, etc. Highly recommended!
Price: $20.00

Product ID RU-70
Hyperspace Hack
Hyperspace Hack Ultrafast Spaceship Fleet Battles with Miniatures by Russ Lockwood.
Command intergalactic armadas, battle among the stars, and build the universe's greatest empire.

Hyperspace Hack is for 2 players...or 20. Control 50 ships or more per player. Simple yet subtle rules or fleet-sized actions. One page quick reference charts. Crew quality from raw to elite, includes task force and armada morale. Rules for ramming, boarding and repairs. Point system for tournaments, campaigns, and balanced scenarios. Optional rules: 3-sided battle, crew promotions, and planet-killing lasers.
Price: $29.00
Product ID RU-71
A Union So Tested - Look, Sarge, No Charts American Civil War
Look, Sarge, No Charts: American Civil War is the second rule set to feature the "Look, Sarge, No Charts!" rule system. This rule set features dynamic mechanics that allow the players to fight the battle, not the rules. Players command a division or more. In these rues "realism" is gained through simple mechanics that stress the players' decision making. Do not assume, however, that this means that "Look, Sarge, No Charts: ACW" is a bag-full-of-dice and "sixes hit" system. Six years have gone into the systems in this booklet. When you play it you will be challenged and excited.
Price: $29.00

Product ID RU-73
RED TIDE Soviet Infantry and Artillery in World War II, 1939-1945
From 1941 through the spring of 1944 the Red Army bore the principal burden of opposing the German Wehrmacht on the continent of Europe. The armored and mobile forces would eventually be forged into a weapon capable of smashing the German armed forces, but it was the infantry and artillery which held the Germans at bay in the critical fighting of 1941 and 1942, and kept the Soviet Union in the war.

Price: $20.00
Product ID RU-74
Regardless of what rule system you play with, this supplement is the indispensable and definitive guide to the Soviet armored and mobile forces in World War II.

Price: $20.00

Product ID RU-75
Operation Market Garden
An overview history of the Market Garden campaign, from inception to completion, following each airborne division: the 101st around Eindhoven, the 82nd around Nijmegen, and the British 1st Airborne around Arnhem.

Price: $20.00
Product ID RU-76
2nd Edition Holy Hack: Hacking by the Book Rules for Biblical Wars
This is a Second Edition of Holy Hack A set of rules for chariot wargaming, refight the battles of King David and the Pharaohs. Battle of Qadesh scenario included.
Price: $24.00

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