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Product ID RU-77
Command Decision Test of Battle In the Clutches of Eagles
In the Clutches of Eagles is:

*An overview history of the fallschirmjager, covering their formation until their disbanding at the end of the war.

*Detailed Divisional orders of battles for the Fallschirmjager as they change organizations in 1940, 1941, and then expand in 1943.

*10 historical battles presented as game battles - covering the entire span of the war, from the first large scale use of the fallschirmjagers in Holland to their bitter struggles on the ground in Normandy
Price: $22.00
Product ID RU-78
Battles of the Seven Years War - Austria vs Prussia
Volley and Bayonet Road to Glory book by Frank Chadwick. Pitched battles were the essence of the Seven Years War, Who hasn't been stirred by Fredrick's extroaordinary victory over the Austrian host at Leuthen, or his shattering defeat at Kolin? You cannot understand the Seven Years War without battles, and so we offer this first of two studies of the essential actions of Frederick the Great's most important war. Lobositz, Prague, Kolin, Rossbach, Leuthen, Hochkirch, Liegnitz, Torgau, Freiburg. Each battle includes an historical summary, detailed battle map, notes on game presentation of terrain, deplyment, game length and victory.
Price: $20.00

Product ID RUDW-01
Dwarf Wars Rulebook
Asgard has fallen. As foretold in the Ragnarok Prophesy, the cataclysmic battle between the Norse Gods of Valhalla and their enemies has been fought. Odin, Thor, and all the others have been defeated, and their spirits now dwell in Niffelheim.
Price: $31.00
Product ID RUDW-02
Saga of Ironfist
What follows Ragnarok? From the ashes and anarchy of the fall of the Norse gods rises a leader: Eisenfaust Bergsohn -- Ironfist, Son of the Mountain.
Price: $31.00

Product ID Rule-04
Galactic War One
The First Great War on a New Frontier. Interstellar armies compete for dominance in unclaimed sectors of a galaxy made accessible by the discovery of warp gates.

The rules are Company level rules meant with 15mm in mind. Though they can be used with 28mm with a little adjustment to the ranges and movement distances. Armies consist of several units which are made up of three to six infantry fireteams or vehicles.
Price: $25.00
Product ID RULES-42
Gothic Horror: Vampire Wars
Gothic Horror is a game of combat against the Children of the Darkness, Vampires and Werewolves, and is set in a world beset by these terrors.
Price: $20.00

Product ID RULES-50
Realms of Terror
New For Gothic Horor, Realms of Terror. A new scenario book with dedicated miniatures. Featuring scenarios for the Headless Horseman, Hells Angels, Gargoyles, Child Vampires, The Island of Dr. Meraeaux and lots more. We got carried away with this proje
Price: $40.00
Product ID RULES-56
The Antagonist
Price: $16.00

Product ID RULES-65
Spartacusís Slave Revolt and the Servile Wars (135BC- 71 BC) is a source book for Warhammer Ancient Battles.
Price: $25.95
Product ID RULES-70
Road Kill Rulebook
Roadkill is a tabletop miniatures battle game of skirmish battles in a ruined, near-future Earth. It features grim survivors, vile vampires, and gun-toting, motorcycle-riding werewolves.
Price: $12.00

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