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Product ID: RU-03
Legacy of Glory
Legacy of Glory
Legacy of Glory was the first “perspective” based miniatures rules that limited command control and reflected the dramatic chaos of a Napoleonic battle – not a game where an army commander worries about moving an artillery battery a quarter inch.

Legacy of Glory presents rules to simulate battlefield management of an army, wing, or corps – you experience the same challenges faced by the historical commanders: time, distance, fatigue, incompetence, smoke and confusion. One figure averages 60 men. Ground scale for 15mm soldiers is 1” = 50 meters. The smallest units on the board are infantry battalions, cavalry regiments, and artillery batteries.

Play is in 2-hour Grand Battle Turns (GBT), subdivided into six tactical turns. Players receive a variable number of command points each GBT, determined by the talent rating of the historical general they are representing and the roll of two 10-sided dice. Commanders issue orders to the units under them, down to division (or to an elite brigade) – each order requires a different number of command points. Once an order is issued, there is some delay before it can be executed, depending on distance, quality of the generals, and roll of 10-sided dice.

Legacy of Glory includes:

* 99-page illustrated rulebook that includes an additional 18 pages of charts that rate units and generals by nationality * 1 Sequence of play chart * 1 Corps command (orders) sheet * 3 handy reference charts that outline movement, morale, tactical combat resolution, and command options * 2 sheets of 3/4-inch unit status markers (Fatigue, Disorder, Blown, etc.) * Two 10-sided dice
Price: $15.00

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