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May Cowboy of the Month

Product ID CP-10
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Milton Spriggs

Milton had been a loner his entire life. The only surviving child born to his parents, he had been overprotected and sheltered. He hadn't been allowed to play with other kids, or even attend the community school. Climbing trees, riding horses, just normal kid stuff was forbidden for fear he might injure himself. This isolation had turned Milton into a bitter and angry young man. When he was in his late teens he couldn't take it anymore so packed up his belongings and snuck away without so much as a farewell. He had escaped to what he assumed would be a grand life of freedom and happiness. Milton had no knowledge of what the real world was like so learned his life lessons the hard way. The hard knocks this bitter young man endured only fueled the fires of his own tortured soul. The ironic thing for Milton is that he ended up living a lonely and miserable life separated from what he had left home to find and ended his life fighting anyone who crossed his path or disturbed his solitude.

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