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July Cowboy of the Month

Product ID CP-12
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“Phineas Felps”

Phineas was an average man by all accounts, average in stature, average in intelligence, average in looks. But his appetite for gold was not average. Phineas had an insatiable hunger for the shiny yellow metal in any form from gold nuggets and gold dust to gold watches and jewelry. This hunger lead Phineas down the path of no return. He began small by rolling drunken miners for the few nuggets they had in their pockets, but as the fever for gold took hold he began his life of crime in earnest. He would rob stores, stagecoaches, ransack houses, all in the pursuit of the shiny metal that alone could squelch his lust. This path of crime led to his undoing, he ended up sweating out his days in prison, but that thirst for gold never died, just ask his fellow prisoners who found themselves relieved of their gold teeth while they slept.

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