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July Pirate of the Month

Product ID OGPS-12
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The “Broken Pirate”

Known only as the “Broken Pirate” by the men he hung with, there was not one other pirate who knew where this fellow came from, nor what his real name was, he was a mystery. What was obvious was this scoundrel and his constant companion “Petie” the parrot, had seen many a battle along the way. The “Broken Pirate” had a patch covering each eye, so little Petie perched on his shoulder, was this duos eyes, or should I say eye as poor Petie was down to just one eye himself. The “Broken Pirate” hobbled along the deck with 2 peg legs, he sported a hook on one hand and used his good hand to hang on to his much needed crutch. If it weren't for the benevolence of a “kind pirate crew” the “Broken Pirate” would be on his own to survive in this cruel world. Was it kindness or the entertainment value that kept this “Broken Pirate” cared for, after all he could spin a grand tale. The thing that was most obvious was that this “Broken Pirate” and his “Petie” had both seen more than their fair share of adventures.

Does not come painted
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