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Product ID MRB-1
From Oars to Cannons
"From Oars to Cannons" are rules for combat with Merrimack Old Glory Shipyard brand Naval Miniatures from Ancients - 500 BC to Renaissance - 1570 AD. The rules are for use with Cog Wars, Galley Wars, Dragon Wars and Lepanto Wars.
Price: $16.00
Product ID MRB-3
Run the Guns - Volume 2 - Birth of the Broadside
"Run the Guns" - Volume 2 - Birth of the Broadside is a set of rules for the Armada period, fighting naval battles from the late 1500's - 1650
Price: $16.00

Product ID RUDW-01
Dwarf Wars Rulebook
Asgard has fallen. As foretold in the Ragnarok Prophesy, the cataclysmic battle between the Norse Gods of Valhalla and their enemies has been fought. Odin, Thor, and all the others have been defeated, and their spirits now dwell in Niffelheim.
Price: $31.00
Product ID RUDW-02
Saga of Ironfist
What follows Ragnarok? From the ashes and anarchy of the fall of the Norse gods rises a leader: Eisenfaust Bergsohn -- Ironfist, Son of the Mountain.
Price: $31.00

Please note: Miniatures are cast as each order is processed - we do not keep inventory on hand. All figures, buildings, and accessories are sold unpainted unless otherwise noted in description

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